Illustrated by Antonio, circa 1960s


Sam Haskins

From ‘Cowboy Kate And Other Stories’ . 1966



Who am i? 

63-What hides under the spectacular oppositions is a unity of misery. Behind the masks of total choice, different forms of the same alienation confront each other, all of them built on real contradictions which are repressed. The spectacle exists in a concentrated or a diffuse form depending on the necessities of the particular stage of misery which it denies and supports. In both cases, the spectacle is nothing more than an image of happy unification surrounded by desolation and fear at the tranquil center of misery. 

Guy Debord - Society of the Spectacle

And it suddenly occurs to me that tomorrow is a work day.. I blame it on the 3 episodes of Criminal Minds I just watched. 

Good night, Mayed. Good night, Tumblr! :)

My favorite part is the dancing eyebrows. Now i wanna make more dancing eyebrows! 


Model: Sibui Nazarenko


Typographie: A Manual of Design.

Emil Ruder’s Typography is the timeless textbook from which generations of typographer and graphic designers have learned their fundamentals. Ruder, one of the great twentieth-century typographers was a pioneer who abandoned the conventional rules of his discipline and replaced them with new rules that satisfied the requirements of his new typography. Now in its sixth printing, this book has a hallowed place on the bookshelves of both students and accomplished designers. Dimension: 83/4 x 11 inches, over 500 examples, English, German & French text.

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Great Perspective :)